RIBELLA – Life is what you make of it

We like delicious food. We want toeat healthier. We do not give up the taste we love. Inspired by a combination of foods. We value practical packaging and ease of use.

Delicious, healthy, practical, innovative – this is how we describe all the products that can be found on the market of Serbia and the region under the Ribella brand. These are foods that are a healthier alternative to the foods and tastes that we are accustomed to. Foods that will, without too much abstention, improve our healthy habits, quality and eating habits.

Under the Ribella brand, the following products are currently being manufactured and marketed:

Ribella Hummus – a creamy spread made up of a mixture of groundchickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic, delicacies known worldwide as “the healthiest spread in the world”. The leader in the market of veggie spreads in Serbia and the region.

Ribella Tunino – semi durablecured meat products from pure tuna meat. Innovative and unique in the market, Tunino offers a healthier alternative for all cured meat products lovers. Tunino’s range of products is represented in three categories: Tuna fillets Bologna Salami, Pressed Tuna fillets and Smoked Tuna fillets.

Quality control

As a regional leader in the production of veggie spreads, and a brand with unique and innovative cured meat products on the market, we are trying to make every Ribella bite extraordinary. That is why the production takes place under the constant supervision of our top technologists, in strictly controlled conditions and carefully guided processes.