Colorful Tunino salad

Whether it’s a snack, a light dinner or an appetizer – the salad is always a good choice. With a little effort, you will provide daily amount of vitamins and minerals, and there is a great possibility of choice. We suggest you try the combination of Tunino smoked tuna fillets and fresh cheese.


• 200 g of Tunino smoked tuna fillet
• 100 g of fresh cheese
• 100 g of cherry tomatoes
• 100 g of black olives without kernels
• 1 cucumber
• 4 leaves of green salad butter
• 1 lemon
• olive oil
• salt, pepper


Chop Tunino smoked tuna fillets and fresh cheese into cubes and put it in a bowl, as well as cherry tomato cut into half. Then add olives, cucumber cut into strips and washed green salad. Spice with lemon and olive oil, and add salt and pepper according to your liking. Mix all the ingredients and enjoy the colors and phenomenal taste.

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